Different types of straight razors and their functions
J Jordan Lambourne

Different types of straight razors and their functions

Apr 25, 2022

Like other razors, straight razors are available in many different styles. While there are many different types to choose from with a plethora of different names, here are some of the commonly named straight razors and their functions:


Cut-throat first and foremost is the most common name for straight razors. The use of this singular blade allows you to angle the blade to create less friction whilst shaving and also help get into hard to reach areas of the skin. 


The functionality of replaceable blade razors is similar to cut-throat, with the exception of having the option to change out the razors consistently instead of sharpening them. 


Not commonly used in western society, this blade dates back over 800 years where it was used by Buddhist monks to shave their heads. The blade tends to be shorter and unlike most cut-throats, and it doesn’t have a handle to fold into. 

Gravity Razors offer two different types of razors, clasp and insert style. The difference between these two is that the “clasp” is minimally exposed while the “insert” has a 2 MM of exposure. The difference is dependent on what type of razor works for and the type of shave you’re trying to achieve!

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