What material is the straight razor made of?

Galvanized steel with stainless steel screws.

How much does this straight razor weigh?

1.6 ounces

How far does the blade stick out of the razor?


Does the straight razor come with a warranty?

 Yes. A 1 year warranty.

How do you load a blade into the straight razor?

There is a slide function that comes out so you can put the blade into the metal insert to hold the blade.

Is this a good straight razor for beginners? 

Yes. With our razor being extra lightweight and balanced you have more control.  Also, with the blade being exposed 2mm you can see the toe and heel of the blade so you know where you’re shaving.

How do I clean a straight razor?

Put the razor in barbicide for no more than 10 minutes.

What blades can I use with your straight razor?

There are several brands you can use such as Derby, shark, Dorco, Royal Red, Lord, Personna, etc.

 Do you ship internationally?

We ship to anywhere in the world

Why is your straight razor exposed?

Having an exposed razor makes it easier to see what you’re shaving which makes the detail of beard lines and hair designs more sharp.

How do I keep the screws on my straight razor from coming loose?

Tighten them when you first get your razor and they will stay tight, double check them every week or so to make sure they aren’t coming loose from opening and closing your razor. 

Why are Derby Premium blades better than regular Derby blades?

The Derby Premium razor blade has the same Chromium-Ceramic, Platinum, Tungsten and Polymer coating as the Derby Extra, but also advertises Swedish Steel on the package. The second shave is where there is a noticeable difference between the Derby Premium and the Derby Extra razor blades.

Is there anything you recommend using pre-shave? 

Pre shave oil and a hot towel makes a big difference!

How often should I change out my blade? 

Between every client or for personal use you can get 2-4 uses depending on the thickness of the beard.

What is the best angle to shave with? 

15-45 degrees

What are all the ways barbers use straight razors? 

Shaving a beard, shaving a head, shaving a neck, shaving designs, and shaving eyebrows.. 

Can this straight razor be used for personal use? 

Yes! We have a video on our YouTube channel explaining how to use it on yourself.


What are your other favorite barber products/brands? 

There are some good pomades on the market such Js Sloan, Victory Crown, and Hair evolution. 

How does your straight razor compare to elegance? 

Ours is fully metal and has adjustable screws, theirs is half plastic without adjustable screws.

Are straight razors ok on sensitive skin? 

As long as you prep the shave properly, yes! 

Can a straight razor be operated with one hand?


Do Gravity straight razors have a guard, or no guard? 

No guard.

Can you shave with your left hand? 


How do you get the blade to stay in place? 

When the blade is loaded properly on the holding hooks it will stay in place.

Do you need to change the blade after every time you shave? 

If it’s used on a client then yes, if it’s used on yourself then you can use it a few times before it becomes dull. 

Is stropping necessary for this straight razor? 

No! This is a disposable blade style razor.

Can I take my straight razor on an airplane? 

Yes in a checked bag, you might have issues taking it as a carry on depending on the airline. 

Where are your straight razors designed?

Gravity Razors are designed in the USA and parts are made in the USA, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Can I use a straight razor for shaving my head? 

Yes! It’s actually a great relaxing shave! 

Can a straight razor be used in the shower without it rusting? 


Can a straight razor be used for dermaplaning? 


What is the easiest way to contact you guys? 

Email us at support@gravityrazors.com. We’ll get back to your right away.

Can a straight razor be used to shape eyebrows? 


Do I need shaving cream or gel when using a straight razor? 

Some talented barbers get away with dry shaving the top of the beard line in but for most I’d highly recommend a shaving cream or gel.

Can you shave upward with a straight razor? 

Facial hair grows in several different directions so multiple angles are best to achieve a close shave. Although some directions can cause irritation if you have a thick beard and go too aggressive against the grain of growth.