How To Shave Your Head With A Gravity Straight Razor
J Jordan Lambourne

How To Shave Your Head With A Gravity Straight Razor

Dec 25, 2021

Shaving your head with a straight razor can be a bit tricky - but we are here to help. A straight razor definitely produces a much closer shave than what you’d expect with a multi-blade cartridge razor. And, it’s cheaper in the long run and much more eco-friendly. Proper technique is crucial in minimizing cuts and irritation which makes the process fairly time-consuming, but a lot of people are drawn toward the art form. 

It’s important not to jump into doing it without being fully prepared. You’ll want the right setup, equipment, and the right know-how.

Here are a few tips that will make this experience a lot easier.

  1. Understand the shape of your head - Everyones’ head varies in bumps, imperfections, slopes and texture. Which is why this step is crucial to avoid any cuts or bruises. Once you get to know your unique head, the process will become much quicker.
  2. Prepare your tools - You’ll need pre-shave butter or oil, shaving cream and soap, and lastly a shaving brush. Pre-shave oil is great to apply before the lather as it's lubricating, hydrating and results in a smooth finish.
  3. Good lighting - This may seem obvious, but it's necessary to shave your head in a bright lit bathroom with a quality mirror. In order to get the perfect shave, you have to see the back of your neck and head very clearly. 
  4. Learn to shave each side - Not everyone is gifted with ambidextrous hands, so take it slow and practice on both sides before going full force.
  5. Know your angles - To achieve a clean shave, you’ll have to switch the angle of your razor during this process. To make it easier, start with the small passes so you don’t have to switch the angle as often. And be particularly careful behind the ears, as the skin is extremely sensitive.
  6. Hone your razor - Be sure to stop and sharpen your razor. If you have a large head of hair, you’ll have to do this a few times so the razor will not lose its edge.
  7. Rinse off and moisturize - Rinse off any excess lather using lukewarm water and gently towel dry. Avoid using soap for 24 hours and be sure to moisturize early as irritated skin needs a lot of moisture.

Shaving your head with a straight razor is a learning process. But once you get the hang of it, however, you’ll realize how meditative and rewarding the art of shaving truly is.

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