Learning to shave
J Jordan Lambourne

Learning to shave

Apr 11, 2022

Learning how to shave is an essential part of growing up, and definitely something you want to be taught how to do correctly the first time. There are many things to consider when first learning how to shave like what kind of razors to buy, how often you need to shave, what products to buy, etc. There’s a plethora of information out there that pertains to learning how to shave but like most, I learned from a parent. And while parents, for the most part, are a good source of life knowledge, It can be beneficial for them to properly research proper shaving techniques when passing down their knowledge. 

 Blade technique is the first thing that teenagers should learn about shaving. The most common method is to go slowly over the face letting the blade do the work. It’s key to use short, light strokes and not apply too much pressure. 

The next question is when is the proper time in a teenagers life to teach them how to shave? Puberty looks different for everyone. For some it hits early and later for others. Commonly, for men, facial hair doesn’t appear until about age fourteen. Personally, I started growing facial hair when I was twelve. Learning to shave is a very exciting time in a young man's life, because it feels like the first step of entering manhood. But if done incorrectly, one can be doomed to covering small cuts with toilet paper squares.  

Boys aren’t the only ones who experience unexpected hair growth in their teens. Young women also deal with the same phenomenon. Last week we discussed the benefits of women shaving their face. Razor knowledge and safety is an important lesson for all genders. Age fourteen is also the recommended age for girls to learn how to shave, but the techniques far differ. For those who choose to also shave different parts of their body, it’s important to learn how to do so properly to avoid cuts and skin irritation.

So parents, do your research before teaching your young ones. Teaching your kids how to shave can be a great bonding experience and if done correctly, they’ll have learned a lifetime skill that they can one day pass onto their offspring. 

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