Recycling and Razors
J Jordan Lambourne

Recycling and Razors

Mar 10, 2022

One of the biggest concerns for our planet is the impact that humans are currently having on it. Larger corporations like Amazon, Johnson and Johnson, and Ford are making commitments to go green so that we can reduce the carbon footprint we’re putting on the earth. Large global companies aren’t the only ones who can make a difference. There are small things that we can do in our daily lives to also make a change. Practices such as recycling, composting, and driving less are commonly known to help reduce pollution and waste. But there are smaller changes that we can make in our daily routines to make a difference. 

According to a USA Today article from 2019 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that over 2 billion razors are thrown out every year. The plastic razors that you can buy in bulk are not only a bad quality shave, they are also believed to be a large contributor to the already overwhelmed landfills. 

Straight razors are widely known to be better for the environment. Not only do the blades last longer, but they also don’t contain plastic. Sure, razor blades don’t last forever and will have to be changed eventually, but there are ways to safely recycle your old blades! Certain pharmacies and drug stores have “sharp containers” that you can put your blades in and drop off at a local recycling center to be properly disposed of. 

This phrase has been uttered a lot; We only have one planet, and we all have to do our part to make sure it’s habitable for future generations. While most of the work does fall on larger corporations, there’s a lot we can do to make our own small contributions. Using straight razors is not only a better quality shave, but you're also doing your part to make the planet a better place.

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