gravity straight razor pink barber razor compared to old mens straight shaving razor

Exposed, Ergonomic, BOLD

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Just got my straight razor today and love it! Very good quality and exceeded my expectations! Anyone looking to get a straight razor should definitely get a Gravity, it’s awesome and affordable.


I love how you position the blades on this razor, gives the blade much more support. The handle is metal so the feel is great, unlike most that are a cheap plastic. It’s also priced really well. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Can’t go wrong.


This is by far the best barber razor I have used. It’s super lightweight! It’s much better than Equinox, Parker, Black Widow, Facon, and some of the brands on Amazon. Best value for the price for sure!


This straight razor is 2mm exposed which makes it perfect for seeing what you’re doing. The is definitely the best quality for the price! This is my new favorite straight edge razor for sure!


I was impressed with the presentation of this razor when it arrived from Amazon, the nice box, bright yellow handle and individually wrapped blades. The manufacturer obviously is looking to market a high-quality product for professional barbers, not a mass-market straight razor. The handle is high-quality, powder-coated metal, and the design makes the razor easy to handle. Excellent product!

Vance W.

The product is a very durable metal and makes for a more comfortable hold. The razors come separated already, which is an added bonus. The razors are also very sharp, which is better than other products I've used. Overall, I will continue to purchase this product due to the durability and overall quality.


This razor is awesome! I’m new to this style of shaving, so it’s a learning curve. The razor comes with individual blades that are easy to install. Super easy to get precise hair lines with this. 10/10 would recommend!

Abby S.

I am super picky when it comes to straight razors. I finally found the one I'll be shaving with for a while!! It's nice and sturdy but the weight is distributed perfect. It feels great in my hand and the exposed blade make it easy to see exactly what you are doing. It doesn't hurt that it looks dope too!! Couldn't find a better product for the price in my opinion!!


Great high quality product. Perfect for professional barber use or keeping yourself looking sharp in between visits to the barber.

Greg C.