Gravity Straight Razor with 2mm Exposed Derby Premium Blade
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Gravity Razors Instruction Guide

18 jul 2020

Gravity Razors Instruction Guide:

Thanks for buying a Gravity Razor! Our straight razors are designed by barbers, for barbers - but we also have customers who use their razors for personal use. Since there are people with varying levels of experience using our razors, we’ve tried to provide instructions that are as comprehensive as possible. If there’s anything else you need, or things you would like to see, let us know! You can reach us directly at or through any of our social media channels. We’re whole-heartedly committed to producing quality products and want to make sure all our customers are educated about how to safely use a straight edge razor. 

First and foremost, remember that this razor is very sharp and can cause serious damage if not used carefully or with adequate training. If you are new to using straight razors, set some time aside to practice using this razor on your legs or arms to get the feel down. As you begin, start slow and only use light pressure. Be patient with yourself. 

Tips, Tricks, and Advice from the Experts:

  • Make sure you shave down and never sideways as the blade will cut your skin if you go side to side. Use the razor at a 15-45 degree angle from the shaving surface. Like most things as a barber, this takes practice.

Here’s a video where Jordan shows you how to use a straight razor for personal use.

  • Always use light pressure and keep the skin tight so the blade can slide and not move or fold the skin. 
  • Keep the screws on your razor in good working order by tightening them from time to time so they don’t fall out.

Check out our video on straight razor maintenance.

  • Our straight razors are designed to have the blade be exposed 2mm from the razor so you can see what you’re shaving and have more control. See our video about How to load your blade on YouTube.
  • Remember to change the blade after every use (especially if this is for client-use). If you use this razor for yourself, be sure to change it after 2-5 uses (at least) depending on the size of the area you’re shaving. 
  • Use Barbicide to clean your straight razor if you are a professional or, for personal use, you can use Isopropyl Alcohol. Here are the products we usually recommend:

Check out our video on cleaning your straight razor.

  • Chances are, you will make a few mistakes and leave yourself with a few scratches as you’re learning but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and you’ll definitely be able to see a difference in the detail of your beard lines. 

Other videos:


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