The Gravity Razors Story
K Kyle Tarter

The Gravity Razors Story

11 jun 2020

Gravity Razors was founded in 2018 by Jordan Lambourne and Kyle Tarter. As a professional barber, Jordan was inspired daily by the iconic colors and designs of the graffiti inside his barbershop. He teamed up with Kyle, a product and branding specialist, to produce the first Gravity Razor-- a blend of unique colors and styles that channel the cutthroat, Southern California vibes Jordan used for inspiration. The first Gravity razor was over a year in the making, it was crafted to be the most balanced, lightweight steel razor on the market.

Today, the GR team chases the dream of being the go-to brand for barbers at all stages of their career by providing top of the line barber supplies, pioneering product function and design, and creating a friendly, barbershop-inspired customer service team.

"Love is metaphysical gravity." -R. Buckminster Fuller


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