Proper skin care and shaving
J Jordan Lambourne

Proper skin care and shaving

24 mar 2022

              Using proper skin care products is essential when it comes to shaving. There are plenty of cheap options out there but like razors, it’s worth a couple extra bucks to ensure that your skin is getting the care it needs. Today we’ll discuss why it’s important to use these products, and what you should be looking for.

It’s well known that shaving cream is a non negotiable when it comes to using a razor, but why is that? Shaving cream creates a layer between the razor and the skin to avoid skin irritation and redness. More generic shaving creams may contain chemicals that are bad for the skin and not provide any moisturizing benefits. If you look at the products that Gravity Razors supply on the website, you'll see that high quality shaving gels like Tomb45 contain all the elements that make for a good quality shave. 

Another important product to have on hand is after shave. Using after shave is definitely an overlooked part of the shaving process, but is essential when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. After shave can reduce irritation while at the same time closing your pores so as not to let in bacteria and help cuts heal faster. 

The final and equally as important step to maintaining healthy skin is regularly washing your face. Like shaving cream and after shave, it would be wise to invest in creams and moisturizers that come highly recommended from skin care experts or a trusted barber. Do your research, find out what works best for your skin and complexion.

We spend so much time and energy when it comes to planning our daily routines. There’s so many important parts of our day that require our attention. Make sure to take the time to add proper skin care into the flow of your everyday life, and be sure to invest in products that are going to help your skin in the long run!

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