Should women shave their faces?
J Jordan Lambourne

Should women shave their faces?

31 mar 2022

Women shaving their face has become more common than one would think! Women have many options when it comes to deciding what method of hair removal works best for them. While waxing is the most common, it also comes with some drawbacks. Waxing can cause inflamed hair follicles as well as redness, irritation, and in extreme cases even scarring. In Today’s post, we will discuss the benefits of women using razors to get rid of facial hair. 

Small dark hairs have a way of making an appearance on everyone's skin. While it’s a lot more common for men, it’s also an issue that women deal with as well. The quickest solution would be to pluck said hairs, but plucking can also lead to redness and increase the likeliness of ingrown hairs. Using a straight razor with the proper facial cream is a safer alternative to getting rid of those unwanted hairs. 

It goes without saying that applying makeup over facial hair is a tricky task. Applying foundation and other products is a much easier task when it’s preceded by shaving. Adding shaving into your beauty care routine isn’t something that most women would consider, but it is an effective way to guarantee that your makeup will be applied smoothly to your face. 

There’s a method of skin care called dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a process that gets rid of dead skin follicles and peach fuzz by using a small single blade over the skin. While this procedure is normally performed by a professional dermatologist, similar results can be achieved by using a straight razor at home. 

While shaving your face may seem like a foreign concept to a majority of the female population it can be a safer, more effective, and cheaper option than other forms of facial hair removal. If shaving sounds like it would be a good option for you, I would highly recommend researching dermaplaning and consulting with a dermatologist about the best way to go about achieving a proper shave. 

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